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Jennifer Orr Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC is a consulting firm that works with Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury attorneys across the United States. Our main focus is to develop strong business relationships with attorney clients while delivering superior work products used throughout the litigation process. And most importantly, we have the resources available to locate Medical Experts for case reviews and testimony.

‚ÄčA Legal Nurse Consulting Firm specializing in Expert Procurement for Attorneys and Legal Nurse Consultants Nationwide.


We customize expert selection based on what your case needs. We don't utilize large consulting firms for obvious reasons. We make sure you are satisfied with the selected expert and follow through with communication between expert and attorney client. We also schedule a time for our experts to speak with our clients. This allows our attorney clients  to rely on Jennifer Orr Legal Nurse Consultants, LLC to establish trusting, open communication between client and experts.


Unable to Find an Expert for your case or don't have the time to research for that perfect witness? Jennifer Orr Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC is available to assist you. We are well aware of utilizing nurse colleagues for expert recommendations, but we also understand those experts may be over utilized or just too busy to assist with your case. This is the perfect opportunity to develop a business relationship with Jennifer Orr Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC for your case needs.